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Our Mission

BETWEEN PARALLELS - Association for Design and Sustainable Development aims to promote, organize and develop activities and or events with formative, recreational, cultural /social, competitive purposes, with the purpose of creating or developing processes of environmental and social impact with a view to sustainable development, increase the number of opportunities, how to train, exchange resources and assist initiatives that are working in the area of ​​sustainability and circular economy, in a collaborative way.


Support services different to citizens, organizations, companies, communities, and/or any entity that needs them, developing activities of promotion, qualification, training, certification, support to internationalization, obtaining and raising resources, pursuing them through cooperation and networking.


Promote exchange and cooperation with individuals, associations, and national and foreign institutions that pursue objectives identical to those of the association. Carry out, without any profit, private initiatives with a formative, promotional, recreational, recreational, artistic nature, aimed at expanding and/or raising the awareness of diverse audiences.


Organize meetings, workshops, conferences, seminars, or other activities of relevant interest to the association, thus contributing to the pursuit of sustainable development and local development objectives.

© 2021, Between Parallels 

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